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Learn exactly, step-by-step how to create videos programmatically with FFMPEG.

Video became a fundamental content of any website nowadays, and based on latest usage date, most of the traffic in the Internet is due to video delivery. Compared to text, video requires additional production resources and skills and in most cases require dedicated professionals for video editing.

A substantial part of the video operations in a newsroom or a video website can be automated via scripts, reducing costs and allowing humans to focus in more creative tasks.

The most extended and successful tool for video creation and editing is FFMPEG, an open-source software created in 2004 that currently is running in the core of most of the professional video tools and video platforms out there.

This course will guide you through the most common video operations and use cases for FFMPEG, from simple video format conversion to more advanced audio and video transformations.


This course is structured in different lessons that can be consumed in order or randomly depending on your previous knowledge and experience.

The course is about 3 hours long and 100% free.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for people that want to take full advantage of video content automated production and edition. The course is aimed to tech-saavy professionals.

Why this course?

There are tons of articles and Stackoverflow answers to most of the FFMPEG short questions you may have, but many times, these answers give a partial response, are written by and for advanced users or are unstructured.

This course wants to compile the most required answers in a way easy to understand, aimed to newbies and advanced users, including infographics, downloadable resources and questionares.

About the authors

The course has been written by me, David Bosch, co-founder of JSON2Video.

Additionally to me, there are contributions from other great professionals that helped in specific knowledge areas. Special thanks to Bernat Guitart (CEO of AppFutura ) and Joaquim Cardona (Product Lead at

As often as possible, there are links to sources for you to deep dive into additional information.