Movie templates are useful to store a script in the cloud and reuse it in different movies and they are specially helpful combined with the variables.

How movie templates work?

Instead of providing the movie script in the request, you just need to reference to the template id.

    "comment": "Template id example",
    "template": "AEobbDfGDXb9dIlFwqJC"

And are specially useful combined with the variables because you can customize the template in each render request without changing the JSON script.

    "comment": "Template id example with variables",
    "variables": {
        "title": "Hello world!",
        "bgColor": "#4392F1",
        "image": ""
    "template": "AEobbDfGDXb9dIlFwqJC"

When should you use movie templates

Movie templates are suitable for the following use cases:

Movie templates are not a choice for the following use cases:

How to create a movie template?

You can create a movie templates in two ways:

Creating movie templates with the Editor

Creating a movie template using the Visual Editor is the simplest way. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Movie templates screen in JSON2Video dashboard.
  2. Click on the Add new template button. A new blank template called "New template" will be created.
  3. Click on the "New template" to open the visual editor
Create new template

You can rename the template from the top bar of the editor.

Create new template

You can duplicate the template by clicking on the Save template as... option in the menu.

Create new template