Frequently Asked Questions

What is JSON2Video?

JSON2Video is a video creation and video editing API aimed to automate the creation of marketing and content videos programmatically.

You can connect an existing data-source or another API, apply your template and generate tens, hundreds or thousands of videos automatically.

What are the most common use cases?

Your imagination is the limit, but some of our clients are using the API for things like:

  • Create real estate videos using the data and pictures of their properties
  • Create news videos from static articles in their CMS
  • Create product videos from ecommerce listings
  • Create engaging videos to feed your social media channels
  • Create video summaries of your latest news or posts

Why is it free?

We want you to evaluate and apply the API to your projects, discover how you can do amazing things with it.

What if I need support or I have questions?

Our documentation includes the API Specification, a tutorial and some examples to get you started. Most of our users don't need anything else. But if you have any question or you think you found a bug, we are here to help. Send us a message and we will reply very soon.

What if I run out quota?

If you are evaluating the video editing API for your use case, and you used up your quota, let us know. Write us and tell us what is your project and how you want to use JSON2Video. We are sure we can extend your quota and help you in your final steps.

Ok, I'm in. Now what?

Once you have it clear, sign up for one of our paid plans. Depending on the scale you need, you can choose the plan that best suits you.