Frequently Asked Questions


How many videos can I create?

This will depend on the length of your videos.
Your free or paid plan includes a quota of minutes of rendered videos that you consume every time you create a new video. If your final video is 78 seconds long, the API will deduct 78 seconds from your quota.

What happens if I run out of quota?

If you are on a free plan, a pre-paid plan or a subscription plan, and you run out of quota you can buy a pre-paid plan and top up your account with more minutes.

Do pre-paid minutes expire?

No, pre-paid minutes do not expire.

Can I have pre-paid and subscription plans at the same time?

Yes, you can buy a subscription plan and a pre-paid plan at the same time. A usual use case is that you run out of quota of your subscription and you buy a pre-paid plan to top up your account with more minutes until the new month starts.

If I have a subscription plan and I top up my account, how minutes are deducted?

In case you have at the same time a subscription plan and a pre-paid plan, the API will deduct the minutes from the subscription plan first, and if there aren't enough minutes, it will deduct the minutes from the pre-paid plan.

How many minutes are deducted if I render 30 seconds videos?

If you render a 30 seconds video, the API will deduct 30 seconds from your quota. That simple.

How many minutes are deducted if I render 4K videos?

4K videos have 3840x2160 pixels, that is, 4 times more resolution than full HD video (1920x1080). If you render 4K videos, the API will deduct 4x times the length of your video from your quota. Example: A 4K 30 seconds video will deduct 120 seconds from your quota.

Do free plan videos have a watermark?

Unfortunately some users abuse the free trial plans by creating multiple accounts and using the trial accounts for commercial purposes. This has forced us to add a watermark to the videos generated by the free plans.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, just cancel your subscription and you will not be billed again. You will be able to continue using the API until the end of the current period. Send us a message and ask to cancel your subscription.

Can you refund my payment if I'm not happy with the service?

Yes. If you are unhappy with the API you can be refunded in the first 24h and if you consumed less than 10% of your quota. Send us a message and ask to refund your subscription.

Can I upgrade at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time by subscribing to another plan and using the same email address, or by sending us a message and we will take care of it.

Are taxes included?

The prices stated above are taxes excluded.


What is Paddle?

Invoicing, paying taxes and being compliant with all country laws is complex and expensive.

At JSON2Video, we prefer to focus our time in improving the API and the service, not wasting time with the paperwork. That's why we partner with (our payment partner) that takes care of all these details.

Our customers pay to Paddle, and Paddle pays to us.

Why I received a charge from Paddle

As said above, Paddle charges you the subscription cost and then it pays to us. In your credit card transactions you will see something like* Json2video.