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Connect your API or data source and create hundreds or thousands of videos automatically

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  • you name it...
video automation

1,000+ happy developers are automating their videos with JSON2Video

What is video automation?

Video automation is the process of combining a data source and a template to create many versions of a video for marketing purposes. JSON2Video is a video automation tool for creating videos programmatically integrating your data and customisation.

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How video automation works

Say goodbye to hours of manual video production.

Our cutting-edge video automation technology simplifies the process

Choose or create a video template
Choose from a variety of existing video templates or create your own custom template using the visual video editor.
Connect your database, spreadsheet or API
Pull data from any database, spreadsheet or API and connect fields to populate your video template.
Generate tons of videos
Let the JSON2Video API generate hundreds or thousands of customised videos for you. With the built-in webhooks you can integrate with your own systems or automate the publication to Youtube or social media.

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Video automation has a wide range of practical applications across various industries and it's a versatile Swiss Army knife for video marketing.

Youtube video automation

Create fully automated video content with the JSON2Video API and automatically upload to YouTube and other video platforms.

Weather, finance, quizzes, news, and more, JSON2Video can generate hundreds or thousands of videos to feed your Youtube channel or shorts.

We have you covered

Implementing video automation can be challenging if you don't have the right tools and support.

Sign up for any of our paid plans and get all the technical support you need. Enterprise and Startup plans also include free professional services to create your video template and integrate video automation into your workflows.

Add a pinch of AI to video automation

Automated video creation can take advantage of the latest AI breakthroughs.

With integration with systems such as ChatGPT 4, Dall-e 3 and Whisper, the JSON2Video API can generate relevant content in a fully automated way.

What our customers are saying

Great video automation API

“JSON2Video helped us to build a fully automated workflow for creating stories with images and audio based on short text prompts.”

Will Graham

Founding partner

Devlift Media

Simple and Powerful Video API Service

“Let's be honest, creating video programmatically is hard. JSON2Video created a super simple, yet powerful, service where you can build scenes and elements with exactly what you want and they take care of all the hard parts.”


Michael Taggart


Envoy Media Group

Incredibly Good Customer Support!

“We really liked that we didn't have to pay upfront costs to try out the product. The API was decently easy to use. The best part was that I couldn't find one feature and texted their support and they were very quick to respond! Loved the service!”


Ishan Goswami

Founder, CTO

TCS Group

1,000+ happy developers using the API to edit videos

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