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Video automation

Upgrade your marketing with video automation.

Automate your video creation in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create your video template
  2. Connect your database or API
  3. Create thousands of videos


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Text to video API

Convert any text or data into video in a matter of seconds.

visual editor

JSON2Video allows you to create captivating videos from plain text or data effortlessly. The API automatically converts text to voiceovers, text overlays and text animation videos.

By integrating with AI and LLMs, JSON2Video can generate stunning videos from a simple text prompt. Say goodbye to laborious video production and embrace the future of content creation with the text-to-video API.

Use cases

JSON2Video is a video editing API that allows your applications to edit and create videos at scale. Its editing features are perfect to create engaging apps or automate video marketing communications.
Add product videos to your e-commerce site

Add engaging videos to your product cards created from your pictures, descriptions and product specifications.

Convert a news feed into social media videos

Automate publication of social media videos created directly from your news feed

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Create tailored video ads for all your segments

Customize your advertising campaigns with different images, videos, texts and create tens or hundreds of different options

Generate engaging videos connecting with your data sources or APIs

From weather forecasts to traffic bulletins or financial reports, if you have a data source you can create an audiovisual experience

Learn how Guida TV is using JSON2Video
Create video promotions for your property listings

Convert your text, pictures and information into engaging videos of your real estate properties

Automate your video editing at scale

Add watermarks, bumpers, titles; Concatenate different videos into one; Add voice-over or music; Create photo slideshows; ...

What is your use case?

If you have an idea but don't know how to develop it, we can help you!

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Create elements with HTML5 & CSS3

Easy, consistent JSON schema

Multiple video and audio input formats

Generate voice-over from text

Insert and edit images, text, videos

Text animations with 100+ fonts

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What our customers are saying

Great video automation API

“JSON2Video helped us to build a fully automated workflow for creating stories with images and audio based on short text prompts.”

Will Graham

Founding partner

Devlift Media

Simple and Powerful Video API Service

“Let's be honest, creating video programmatically is hard. JSON2Video created a super simple, yet powerful, service where you can build scenes and elements with exactly what you want and they take care of all the hard parts.”


Michael Taggart


Envoy Media Group

Incredibly Good Customer Support!

“We really liked that we didn't have to pay upfront costs to try out the product. The API was decently easy to use. The best part was that I couldn't find one feature and texted their support and they were very quick to respond! Loved the service!”


Ishan Goswami

Founder, CTO

TCS Group

Incredibly Good Customer Support!

“JSON2Video is an amazing video editing API that helped us create and edit videos at a large scale. It's packed with awesome features, and there are a couple that really stand out. Our most liked feature is the ability to turn images into a professional video with music and sound effects. It's super helpful for creating videos at scale for marketing purposes”


Srishti O.

HRE (Talent Acquisition)

1001-5000 employees

2,000+ happy developers using the API to edit videos

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